How can I search for a product?

BUENA PRENSA USA Online has powerful functions for browsing and searching for products that can be found quickly the products you are looking for. The search is based on the criteria in the box at the top of the page. You can search by: book title, publisher or author.


Can I buy directly online?

Yes, BUENA PRENSA USA Online, is designed for all people who want to approach our books and publications and does not have the opportunity to go to a physical library, it’s also an excellent option for people living abroad.


How can I buy?

Buying is very easy, you just have to follow these simple steps:


Case 1, New Customer:

1) "ADD TO CART", the books and quantity you want.


3) Fill out the form with the requested information.

4) If required, you can delete or add more product to your "SHOPPING CART"

5) When finished, click on the button "PLACE ORDER NOW ".


Case 2, Registered Customer:

1) If you have already registered, click the button "ENTER/CREATE ACCOUNT" on top of the page.

2) Please put your e-mail, password and click “LOGIN”.

3) "ADD TO CART", the books and quantity you want.


5) If required, you can delete or add more product to your "SHOPPING CART"

6) When finished, click on the button "PLACE ORDER NOW ".


To FINISH your purchase order, a BUENA PRENSA USA Online Agent will contact you.


What can I do if the system does not accept my zip code?

In this case you must enter the number zero five times in the Zip Code field, you can confirm your Zip Code when the BUENA PRENSA USA Online Agent communicates with you to finalize your order.


How can I see the images of the products better?

For a better view of the images in our catalog, we recommend you have your screen set to a resolution of 1280 x 1024 px and 32 bits of color.


What are the desired products?

With the "Wish List" you can give your friends or family a clue about what you like, giving them the possibility to choose one or more of those products and gift it to you.


Why do I have to register to make a purchase?

When you register your data to make an online purchase, you get a password protected account.

Your information allows the system to create a profile with the registration of your purchases, shipping address and other information.

If you are already registered, that account allows you to enter and place orders online directly.

Registering at BUENA PRENSA USA Online is free.


What kind of payment do we accept?

Credit and Debit Cards:


Master Card

American Express



Payments by check are accepted, make checks payable to BUENA PRENSA U.S.A., LLC., and send to:

333 H STREET, SUITE 5000



Once you click on "PLACE ORDER NOW " button, it will be sent to a BUENA PRENSA USA Online Agent who will contact you to finalize the purchase process.


The product will be shipped once the corresponding check has been received.


Where do we ship?

We ship to any part of the world, through the best and most reliable private parcel companies, in addition to ordinary mail (USPS).


What is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost varies depending on the weight, destination of the order and the policies of the parcel companies.

In all purchases you’re provided with the tracking number, so you can track your order.


My subscription has not arrived, I just received a receipt, what do I do?

As the magazines are monthly or bimonthly, we send the publications with more than one month in advance so that you will receive them in a timely manner.


If there is any inconvenience with your shipment, please notify us by email or by phone at (619) 489-0240.



If you acquire a subscription of "Misal Mensual" and you pay it in January 2018, the first issue you will receive is March’18 and the last one until February’18. The publications are sent with more than one month of anticipation.

Three months before your subscription ends, you will be sent notices for its renewal, and thus not lose continuity, if you wish to renew you must cover it again in the month of January.

For any matter related to the status of the subscription, or additional information you can write directly to:


Once I made my order online, am I obligated to buy?

No, you can cancel your order when you receive the call from the BUENA PRENSA USA Online Agent who will contact you to finalize the purchase process. Or by sending an email to communicating the situation (no later than one hour), so we will cancel the order.


I canceled my order, can I buy at another time?

Yes, you can keep buying with us, since your data has been registered.


How can I request a quote?

For quotes, please send a list with the desired product and quantities to or call (619) 489-0240.


How are discounts applied?

These vary according to your purchase history during the year.

Discount for Retailers, please call (619) 489-0240.


When I can’t find a book, what can I do?

Send an email to or call us at (619) 489-0240, a BUENA PRENSA USA Online Agent will assist you and provide more information about the availability of the product you are looking for.




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